Week 7: Pumpkin, Brown Butter, and Salted Caramel


Pumpkin and brown butter mini cupcakes with salted caramel butter cream. HOLY COW… YOU HAVEN’T LIVED IF YOU HAVEN’T HAD HOMEMADE CARAMEL. Homemade caramel is a serious game changer. Caramel sauce, caramel lollipops, caramel apples, caramel corn, caramel hot chocolate… the list goes on. This recipe is flawless and the salted caramel sauce is something that just makes me so incredibly happy.


Please try making your own caramel. It will change your life.

Life Changing Caramel Sauce


2 cups granulated sugar
12 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature, cut into pieces
1 cup heavy cream, at room temperature
1 tablespoon sea salt


1. Heat the sugar over medium high-heat in the bottom of a heavy 2-3 quart saucepan. When the sugar starts to melt, start whisking the sugar. Be patient and DO NOT ADD ANY LIQUIDS: it will melt on it’s own. The sugar will clump up, but keep whisking. It will continue to melt. When the sugar is melted, stop whisking. You can swirl the pan to move the sugar around.

2. Continue cooking the sugar until it reaches a deep amber color. Make sure you watch the pan very closely. This is where it is easy to burn the caramel. You want the caramel to reach 350 degrees F. I don’t use a candy thermometer (I just watch for the right color) but if you have one, this is where you can use it)

3. As soon as the sugar reaches the dark amber color, carefully add the butter. Whisk until butter is melted.

4. Remove the pan from the heat and carefully pour in the heavy cream. Whisk until cream is incorporated and caramel is smooth. Whisk in the sea salt. Do not use iodized salt. Sea salt is the only way to go here.

5. Let the caramel sauce cool for about 10 minutes in the pan. Pour the caramel into a Tupperware container and refrigerate. (Will thicken when refrigerated)


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