The Big Apple

Oh Boy, have you every been to New York? The city is fast-paced, busy, and amazing in every way. I found myself looking forward to each meal on my weekend away. This place has some intense food. My favorite food of all time: bagels and lox, seems to be on every corner of New York City. nyc.jpeg

Let me just paint a picture for you: a huge bagel, as big as your face. It is seasoned with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and onion powder: everything spices. Scallion infused cream cheese is glopped on. Despite being drenched in cheese, the scallions maintain their crunch. Crunchy and tangy onions enhance the everything spices and give the dish a snap. Layers of pink nova smoked salmon is piled on the sandwich. The salty and savory nature of the fresh fish balance the beautiful vegetables. Also, the famous New Jersey tomatoes under the salmon gives it more of a push if freshness. Easily the most delicious bagel and lox I’ve had in my life. It puts my hometown Einstein bagel’s lox to shame.

Whether Chinatown dim sum, Rockefeller center French pastries, tomato and burrata salad with balsamic reductions and fleur de sel at Mastro’s, authentic Sicilian pizza in midtown, or cornbread madelines with homemade salted caramel dipping sauce at Blue Smoke Barbeque, New York is the culinary capital of the nation.



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