Week 2: Vanilla, Lemon, and Basil

We have a vanilla bean cake, filled with fresh lemon curd, iced with basil buttercream, and decorated with a mini lemonhead candy and a baby basil leaf.

BASIL?? I sure did get some stink eyes for putting herbs on my cupcakes. Just think…the tartness of the lemon, the floral and peppery tones of the basil, all sweetened and deepened by the vanilla bean. I ONLY use fresh, in season produce, so at the time, the lemons were gorgeous and the basil was something to write home about. It ultimately turned out well. Anything turns out well with fresh ingredients like that.


However, my vanilla cake recipe needs some serious work. These were much too firm to even be called a cupcake. Also, they were much too thin. I was conserving batter because of the demand. I learned that despite the demand, nothing is worth compromising quality for.


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