Nature or Nurture?

I grew up in a family where almost everyone is in the food, beverage, and hospitality industry. As a toddler, I was eating in the Las Vegas casinos so the culinary world was where I took my first steps.

Breakfast of champions
Little Me 🙂


I am often asked where I get my ideas for my treats. A lot of my ideas are intuition. Like I said, a lot of it comes naturally to me because of how many new food experiences I have been exposed to.

So, I gather inspiration from all pieces of my life. It’s very spur the moment. One day, about a week before Thanksgiving, I was daydreaming about cranberry sauce in my AP Psychology class. Should I put cloves in this year? Hmm maybe I could garnish with some candied orange peel. I wonder how you candy fruit peels. I’ll have to research that later. Oh cranberries and orange are just a match made in heaven. Cloves are so amazing and holiday-like. That’s when it hit me: A clove spiced cupcake, with whole berry cranberry sauce butter cream, topped with a candied orange peel.

That’s one of my more wacky ideas. I didn’t end up making it because I was too insecure about the flavor index. Though more or less, that’s generally the thought process.

Also, I worked in a bakery this summer. I didn’t get to bake much because it was my first job and I was only there for the summer. However, the skills I picked from simply watching my boss bake is invaluable. The bakery is in Wildwood, Florida. It’s a southern bakery with the most AMAZING treats. If ever in central Florida, please stop by and check them out. I recommend the Hello Dolly bars. Those are absolute heaven.CotillionSocial

So, I can’t pinpoint where my inspiration comes from but it definitely is fed by the desire to push the boundaries and discover new flavor profiles.


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