The Monday Morning Project

Ever notice the look people have on their faces on Monday mornings?  The dismay and disappointment plastered on the mugs of teenagers in high schools everywhere… we know it too well. It is so obvious that no one wants to be there. We all drag ourselves out of bed and trudge to the grey-walled school where people can be rude and incredibly selfish. At some point during the school year (typically in the icky winter time) teenage students find themselves laying in bed after blindly silencing their alarm clocks, wondering why they would ever leave their cozy cocoon of a bed. At least I find myself thinking that.  Why is my bed so much more comfortable in the morning?

So I started the Monday Morning Project to put a smile on these people’s faces, to make it easier to get out of bed on. I bake once a week. I bring the treats in on Monday mornings and walk through the hallways. The rules are simple: If anyone smiles at me and maybe even attempts at some small talk, they get a treat. After several weeks, I found people light up with joy as they see me with my black tray making my rounds through the crowded hallways (especially the history teacher). Both students and teachers have told me that I give them something to look forward to every Monday morning.

I am only a few weeks into this project but I’d like to keep you along with me on my culinary escapades and my goal to make the world a happier place.

I challenge you to go out of your way once today to put a smile on someone’s face. It’s hard for everyone to get out of bed. Make it easier by spreading some joy.

*Of course, with all this success, I needed a partner in crime. I recruited the one and only: Ellie. So this sassy, smart, and sweet friend of mine meets me early at school every Monday morning so she can help me pass out my treats. So if you’re listening… THANK YOU, ELLIE. I COULDN’T DO WHAT I DO WITHOUT YOUR UNDYING SUPPORT. She even made me this super sweet apron for my birthday!!Photo Nov 15, 1 08 35 PM




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